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Canadian Business Immigration Article:
Summer 2020 Publications

September 11, 2020

Did you miss our articles published on Canadian business immigration this summer? We are making it easy for you to catch up. Below you will find the list of articles that we published over the summer.

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Immigration to Canada

July 30, 2020

Choosing the right Canadian business immigration is not an easy task. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with this guide to help you better understand the different options available to you.
 This guide provides a brief overview of the different business immigration programs for Canadian immigration. Ultimately, it will help you decide which program is best for you and your family.

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Top Three (3) Canadian Immigrant Programs for Business People

July 13, 2020

Fortunately, we're starting to see the easing of some lockdown restrictions across Canada. I wanted to check in and remind you that Desjardins Lawyers, an Immigration Law firm based in Canada since 1995, are here, ready to help make your immigration plan to Canada a reality. Because we think it's times like this when immigrants investors can potentially capitalize by putting their cash to work for their family and future generation. 

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Portugal Golden Visa: Starting at €280 000

June 16, 2020

Invest in A Property and Obtain a Residence Permit of Portugal - An Eu Member State.

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Immigrate to Canada by Applying for Permanent Residency under the Express Entry Visa Program

June 15, 2020

The Express Entry Visa Program is a points-based system that is used by the Government of Canada to assess your eligibility to apply for the Permanent Residency under the Express Entry Visa Program.

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In response to recent spikes in immigration inquiries from Hong Kong, we are making it a priority to communicate with you first to make sure that we can assist you, in a timely manner, in regards to your expressed interest in Canadian immigration.

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A Side by Side Comparison of Canadian Business Immigration Programs Processing Timelines

May 27, 2020

Many businesspeople planning to immigrate to Canada are looking for the fastest way to obtain Canadian PR and, down the road, citizenship. We have made it easy for you to compare the different programs processing timelines with the table below.

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There are More than 75 Programs to immigrate to Canada for Businesspeople! 

May 8, 2020

DID YOU KNOW? There are more than 75 programs to immigrate to Canada. With so many choices, do you know which program is the right one for you and your family?

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