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Immigrate to Canada (PEI)


You will have to start your business in that territory

Eligibility Requirements:

  • have a minimum variable personal net worth of CAN$600 000 which has been accumulated through legal and legitimate sources in your own right;
  • have a minimum education of secondary school equivalent;
  • be within 21-59 years of age at the time of application;
  • have transferable management skills and past employment or business ownership experience;
  • meet the minimum language requirement (English or French) equivalent to a CLB/NCLC 5 and intend to live and work in PEI while providing day-to-day active and ongoing management of your PEI-based company;
  • attend an interview with staff from the Office of Immigration;
  • invest a minimum of CAN$150 000 into the business within 12 months of landing in PEI; and operate that business for 12 consecutive months to get the nomination;
  • Processing time frame: Approximately 4 months to get the Working Permit to start working in Canada (Permanent Residency follows within 12 to 18 months).