• To apply for the Start-up Visa Program, your business idea, or your investment in a business idea, must get the support of a designated organization (Venture capital funds, Angel investor groups, Business incubators);
  • We’ll be in charge of finding the said “designated organization” on your behalf and obtaining a Letter of Support ( which is a mandatory document in order to apply);
  • This Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to launch businesses in Canada that are innovative, that can create jobs for Canadians and can compete on a global scale;
  • You must meet the minimum language requirements in English or French (at least CLB 5 in all abilities) and invest a minimum of CAN$200 000 in the business 
  • You will receive an equity participation of at least 10% of the total voting rights attached to all shares of the Company at the time of your investment. If your own business idea is chosen, the investment can be less than CAN$200 000 and the percentage of voting shares more than 10%;
  • This is a direct Permanent Resident (PR) Visa (i.e., no need for any kind of temporary visa, work permit or visitor visa);
  • We deal directly with the top authority in terms of Canadian Immigration policies, i.e. the IRCC (Immigration/Refugees and Citizenship Canada) no first step Provincial approval required;
  • If the Company is profitable, you will earn dividends from the Company;
  • Your PR Visa is not contingent to the Company being profitable (once started);