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IMMIGRATE To Canada, British Columbia

British Columbia Base working permit program (including Vancouver)
(work permit first, permanent residency will follow)

You will have to start and manage your business (or buy an existing one) in that Province.


Eligibility Requirements based on recent invitations to apply sent by the BC government

  • A working permit can be quickly within approximately 6 months (it allows you to further apply for and get your Permanent Residency);
  • Settling in Canada and working on your business is mandatory (as well as following your own business plan and limiting your risk);
  • A minimum of a CAN$200 000 investment of your own money is required;
  • After 12 months in Canada, we will apply for your Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa;
  • Approximative time frame before getting your PR Visa from starting the procedure: 28 months
  • Eligibility: you need to own a total assets (bank accounts, real estate, stocks) of at least CAN$600 000, be within 25-54 years of age, have at least a post-secondary diploma, have business management experience of at least 3 years in the past 5 years, be of intermediate level in English or French;
  • You can start your business anywhere in BC;
  • This WP gives you access to Medicare (health system) and Canadian tuition fees for your children education;
  • Your spouse can work as well with an Open WP;
  • Once you get the PR Visa, you can reside, work, start a business, or study anywhere in Canada.

 +1  514 503 9414