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Europe Permanent Residency and Citizenship by Investment
(why hiring us)

Why should you hire our Canadian law firm for the European immigration programs we offer and that you’d be interested in?

In this era of globalization, expanding our services and immigration programs was a natural extension of what our firm has been doing for over 25 years.

As most of the Canadian immigrant investor programs, European Programs are based on notions of building your personal profile to be advocated to the immigration Authority and the supervision of your investment and real estate transactions: to that extent, we’ve acquired the relevant experience of those lines of work since 1995.

Indeed, throughout our presence in Europe, we have been able to develop several professional connections in various related areas of expertise that we carefully handpicked to build a multidisciplinary network comprised of:

  1. Immigration lawyers;
  2. Accountants;
  3. Bankers;
  4. Real estate agents;
  5. Contractors;
  6. Promoters.

who will put their expertise to use, on your behalf.

We are committed to providing the best services customized to your needs: we represent you and defend your interests when dealing and liaising with all preceding parties involved (including the local Authorities).

We’ll always make the trip “on-site” (to your chosen country of immigration) to assist you step by step in this process and run point on all matters at hand.

We will be there.

Note that our remuneration is a flat fee of:

€10 000, broken down as such:

50% to start our legal representation and presence in the European Country that you have chosen , 25% at your case filing, 25% at the issuance of your Visa.

Please fill in the questionnaire on this page to have a better idea of your situation in regard to your immigration plan to Europe.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Desjardins Lawyers Team.


Get European Residency 
With an Investment Starting at €250,000


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