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7 Myths about the Canada Start-Up Visa Program

The Federal Start-Up Visa Program (SUV) only recently became an official form of Canadian business immigration. Since SUV has not been around as long as the country’s other programs and is quite...

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The Top 7 Business Immigration Programs for Canada

By most world metrics – whether it’s the (United Nations) Human Development Index or the Economist Intelligence Unit - Canada is ranked among the top countries in the world for its high standard...

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How Innovative Entrepreneurs Can Fast-Track Immigration to Canada with the Start-up Visa Program

A few years ago, Canada made a major change regarding its business immigration policies: it was the permanent implementation of its federal Start-up Visa Program. The idea of issuing a visa, not...

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A Unique Investor Visa to Start a Business Anywhere in Canada

Building and sustaining a successful business is the main goal of any entrepreneur, and arguably one of the most difficult. Having a clear vision of where you want your venture to go is only half...

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What is the Fastest Business Immigration Program to get PR in Canada?

As a business owner, you know time is your most valuable asset. Managing that time wisely can ultimately determine the success or failure of your company, which is why it is imperative to maximize...

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5 Top Reasons Why Canada’s Start-Up Visa is Best Suited for Entrepreneurs

In light of recent changes to its business immigration laws, the individuals most apt to benefit from Canada’s startup visa are entrepreneurs who have the ability to start a business that is...

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