IMMIGRATE To Antigua and Barbuda

First for Second Citizenship

Ranked first in the OECS for citizenship programs, Antigua and Barbuda has much to offer potential investors seeking second citizenship.

National Development Fund (NDF)

A contribution of US$100,000

Real Estate Investment

(a) An investment of at least US$400,000 in an approved project
(b) A joint investment where each applicant invests at least US$200,000 in an approved project

Investment in an Approved Business

(a) An individual investment of US$1.5 million
(b) An investment totaling US$5 million with multiple investors, each contributing no less than US$400,000

Here are some benefits ob obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship:

• Visa free access to over 140 countries. including the United Kingdom. Schengen Area. Singapore and Hong Kong
• Competitive global options for economic citizenship, range of
price points and investments
• No restrictions on dual nationality
• Citizenship for life, once the 5 day residency requirement in 5 years is met
• Straightforward application process, no minimum net worth requirement or previous business experience
• Average application time is 60 days (8 weeeks)
• No tax on worldwide income, inheritance, capital gains or investments returns

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